Monday, December 15, 2008

C'mOn, WhaT R u WaiTin' 4!!!!


"From Pluto till the Venus,
Travelling freely with thrive,
Welcome 2 theblog for us,
U can share an
ything all 'bout life!"

Group ni untuk sume frenz kite dr utmkl, batch 08-11. sape2 pun leh masuk, x kesah la "DD..." ape pun, seksyen ape2 je la, diz is one of the media for us 2 gather online. Open 4 all from our batch... even 1st or 2nd intake.. pls us this group for more details n discussion, or any announcement n opinion can also be submitted, U can also register urself as an author!.

JOIN, n if u'r members of the group, pls forward the invitation 2 others k!!!!
[we need some new independent pic that symbolize our identity. Any new pix pls submit here!]

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