Saturday, September 18, 2010

Nail Watch

In the year 2154, no one will want to wear wristwatches anymore. They'll probably be out of fashion or too bulky for our hands. The in thing will be the nail watch, known as TX54. Well, that's what Timex and design site Core77 think will be the future, according to the global design competition "Timex 2154: The Future of Time". The two held the contest to mark the watch maker's 150th anniversary.

TX54, the runner-up in the event, is a concept watch by three Americans designers: Napoleon Merana, Steffen Schubert, and David Takacs. The nail watch is designed to be hooked to the thumbnail. The user should be able to view the time in the dark just by pressing the tip of the nail. Wearers can also switch between available colors. It is also disposable. One hopes it's waterproof as well, just in case you forget to take it off while you're in the shower.

Although the TX54 is a good concept, I can't imagine how small the numbers are going to be, probably putting a strain on your eyes.

[p/s : ak pun dah x igt ntah mana ak dpt artikel ni, tp yg pastinya, dah lebih setahun dah la.. Just posting k....]


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